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Macbook Pro 13.3

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  • Decrease reflection and increasing contrast
  • 5H hardness on hardcoat side, scratch resistance
  • Stable performance in severe environment
  • Low surface energy component, easily clean
  • Electostatic adherence without glue, no residue left
  • High radiant filtration ratio, protects eyesight


  • AR Protection Film For OLED/LCD
  • AR coating solution are liquid formulations that enable the manufacture of single-layer,
  • anti-reflective film for the front of OLED/LCD display that greatly decrease surface reflection.
  • In addition, they provide brasion resistance and eliminate 99% radiation, to increase contrast and enable brighter and more vivid colors.
  • Crystal film has a optional finish which will not only protect your display but will produce more vibrant colors.
  • The special crystal film not only reduces the ultraviolet radiation emitted the monitor by 99% reducing the burden on your eyes, but also controls the deterioration of your liquid crystal monitor by blocking out ultraviolet light and protecting it from scratches, dust and dit.
  • The crystal film is made with advance silicone static-cling technology theat leaves no residue if remove.
  • Proprietary design and patented technology lets you install Screen Guard in seconds without any aiy bubbles.
  • And you can remove and reapply it as orten as you like without living any sticky residue.

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